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Selasa, 14 Mei 2019

Korn recruits a 12-year-old bassist to fill in the vacancies of the tour!

Korn has just announced the recruitment of a 12-year-old bassist to fill the void in their South American tour. Tre Trujillo is the name of the bassist who will fill Korn's temporary void. He will replace Reginald 'Fieldy' Arvizu who missed their trip to Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru.

The name of this young musician is very similar to Robert Trujillo, bassist from Metallica. Apparently Tre did have a blood relationship with Robert, more precisely he was the biological son of the bassist Metallica.

The statement that Fieldy could not appear in several shows from the South American tour that Korn did came from announcements they made via Facebook. Later Fieldy will return to join Korn in May.

"On April 17, Korn will go to South America to perform in Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru. Because of an unexpected event, Fieldy cannot appear and we will attend guests

"To fill the vacant bassist position, there will be Tye Trujillo, a 12-year-old young bassist who is the son of Robert Trujillo, Metallica, as well as a member of the band The Helmets. The band members said, 'We are disappointed Fieldy cannot join us on this trip , but we are very excited about joining young players like Tye. Fieldy will be back with us next May, "wrote Korn's official account on Facebook.

Korn Tour itself is a series of promotions for their last album, THE SERINTY OF SUFFERING, which was released in 2016. Besides in South America and the United States, this band will also visit major cities in Europe.

THE SERINITY OF SUFFERING is the 12th studio album of the Nu Metal band fronted by Jonathan Davis. Rotting in Vain became the main single in the album released by this Roadrunner label.

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