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  • Selasa, 14 Mei 2019

    What is the Slipknot star?

    Slipknot’s logo is a nine-pointed star also known as a nonagram. It represents the strong bond between all nine members of the Slipknot family and has nothing to do with Satan or religion, despite some claims from scared parents.

    How did Slipknot get their name?

    The band took their name from the opening track of their demo-cum-album Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. which was released on Halloween 1996. While it's technically their first proper release, MFKR is not considered the first Slipknot album and more of a glorified demo. It includes early versions of the songs Only One and Tattered & Torn, which would later appear on Slipknot in 1999, and Gently, which would appear on Iowa in 2001.

    Do Slipknot still wear masks?

    Slipknot have worn masks and boiler suits since 1997, with the original idea coming from Shawn Crahan who developed the character Shawn The Clown. While the band no longer remain anonymous and are often pictured without masks now (except Craig Jones who prefers to remain in the shadows), masks are always worn on stage.

    What are Slipknot's biggest songs?

    Looking at the viewing statistics of Slipknot’s YouTube channel, we have created a list of Slipknot’s 15 most popular songs – in descending order.

    1. Psychosocial
    2. The Devil In I
    3. Duality
    4. Before I Forget
    5. Snuff
    6. Wait And Bleed
    7. Killpop
    8. Dead Memories
    9. Sulfur
    10. Spit It Out
    11. Left Behind
    12. Vermilion Pt. 2
    13. Vermilion
    14. The Negative One
    15. My Plague

    What is Slipknot's festival?
    In 2012, Slipknot launched their own music festival called Knotfest. Originally taking place in Iowa, it has changed location over the years to Wisconsin, California, Japan and Mexico. Slipknot have headlined every festival except last year’s Ozzfest Meets Knotfest event, which was topped by Ozzy Osbourne on Saturday and Rob Zombie on Sunday. Slipknot’s 2017 DVD Day Of The Gusano: Live In Mexico was filmed in 2015 at the Mexico City Knotfest.

    Korn Sentil American Media Through New Clips

    Korn is an American heavy metal band nu metal band. They just released a video clip from their single titled Spike in My Veins.
    In the video, you will see various kinds of artists or important people at a glance. They include, Justin Bieber, Barack Obama, Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, Rob Ford, and Kanye West.

    However, Korn did not insult them, but the American media itself. According to them, the media is too manipulating the minds of viewers with their news which tends to be exaggerated.

    "We are all too caught up in the internet and TV media that is crazy. We are unconsciously invited not to care about the privacy of the artists whose media is exaggerated," said Jonathan Davis, as reported on the Rollingstone website.

    Single Spike in My Veins is one of the tracks from their last album THE PARADIGM SHIFT. And the band will soon hold their tour in Australia starting on February 20.

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    Korn Brings Bad Memories of Childhood Jonathan Davis

    Do you still remember this hip metal band? They often wear adidas brand outfits. Who else if not Korn.
    On March 13, Korn performed and performed songs from their first debut album in 1994. That night they performed entertaining fans who missed their appearance at the Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas.

    They bring old songs like Daddy. According to them, almost 20 years Korn did not perform this song. This song is a bad memory of Jonathan Davis's childhood.

    After performing that night, Davis also expressed his opinion on Rolling Stone. "An old story. And bringing this song will not have any effect on me like before. There is rude behavior there. I have to deal with it," he said.

    "And someone who has behaved rudely to me is dead now. Karma has taken it," he said with a satisfied laugh.

    "And you know, I have buried that memory. I will only play this song to people who need it, you know what I mean?" he continued later.

    Korn is also scheduled to perform in England. On July 15 he will be performing at O2 Apollo, Manchester. And the next day they will be performing at O2 Academy Brixton, London.

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    Splashy, Dave Grohl Will Collaborate with Korn?

    Korn is back! The band fronted by Jonathan Davis will release a new album entitled The Serenity of Suffering. Those of you who used to grow with Korn rock music, this release will definitely be very much awaited.
    But wait! There is one more special thing about this album, which is the presence of Slipknot vocalist, Corey Taylor who will collaborate with Davis. Reportedly, not only Taylor will appear on this album.

    The news that was widely circulated, the vocalist and frontman of Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, will also take part in this album. This was revealed by Ray Luzier's Instagram upload, drummer Korn.

    "The moment when Grohl stopped by our studio for the #serenityofsuffering studio session. Thank you very much to @nickraskulineecz for making this recording so cool! @Korn # korntour2016 #davegrohl #musiclife @foofighters," said the photo caption.

    Luzier mentions the name Nick Raskulinecz, which is a masterpiece behind 2 albums Foo Fighters, One By One in 2002 and In Your Honor in 2005. Is it true that Dave Grohl will take part in this album?

    If indeed you are curious, just look directly at the album The Serenity of Suffering. This album will be released on October 21, 2016, with its first single Insane.

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    Korn recruits a 12-year-old bassist to fill in the vacancies of the tour!

    Korn has just announced the recruitment of a 12-year-old bassist to fill the void in their South American tour. Tre Trujillo is the name of the bassist who will fill Korn's temporary void. He will replace Reginald 'Fieldy' Arvizu who missed their trip to Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru.

    The name of this young musician is very similar to Robert Trujillo, bassist from Metallica. Apparently Tre did have a blood relationship with Robert, more precisely he was the biological son of the bassist Metallica.

    The statement that Fieldy could not appear in several shows from the South American tour that Korn did came from announcements they made via Facebook. Later Fieldy will return to join Korn in May.

    "On April 17, Korn will go to South America to perform in Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru. Because of an unexpected event, Fieldy cannot appear and we will attend guests

    "To fill the vacant bassist position, there will be Tye Trujillo, a 12-year-old young bassist who is the son of Robert Trujillo, Metallica, as well as a member of the band The Helmets. The band members said, 'We are disappointed Fieldy cannot join us on this trip , but we are very excited about joining young players like Tye. Fieldy will be back with us next May, "wrote Korn's official account on Facebook.

    Korn Tour itself is a series of promotions for their last album, THE SERINTY OF SUFFERING, which was released in 2016. Besides in South America and the United States, this band will also visit major cities in Europe.

    THE SERINITY OF SUFFERING is the 12th studio album of the Nu Metal band fronted by Jonathan Davis. Rotting in Vain became the main single in the album released by this Roadrunner label.

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    The Album Is Almost So, Two New Sum 41 Songs Remain Punk!

    Long time no release of the song, Sum 41 finally ready to re-kick off through their new works. Even at least, the band fronted by Deryck Whibley already has two new songs ready to be released.
    The cut of the two new songs can be heard on the Instagram account Instagram 41. There is no clear explanation of the title of the band's latest Canadian hit.
    One thing is clear, Sum 41 still carries punk music which is their trademark. The drum beat, the distortion of the guitar and Deryck's scream were felt in the two teaser songs.
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